Decorative Lighting

A piece of decorative light is like jewelry for the home, it helps your space sparkle and shine. Accessorize your house and bring out its best features by adding decorative lighting fixtures.

Whether you would like to achieve the classic and timeless or dare to be experimentative, Archilight is a perfect place for decorative pendant lights out there for you. 

Small things can make a huge difference. Table lamps can be placed anywhere in the house not just generate illumination to a small area but grant a simplified ambiance.

Floor lamps are an important part of interior design, and they can often be furniture in their own right. 

Archilight has a collection of wall lights to suit any decor, from modern/contemporary to traditional and solid brass.

As a key part of the lighting plan, ceiling lights help to create multi-moods in a room. Ceiling lights are unlike pendant lights and downlights in terms of size and effect.