Smartlife Showroom

The client’s showroom area required high quality, comfortable and unique lighting that also was compatible with their smart-home control system. This brief resulted in the following lighting design:

The ‘Cultro’ series downlight was used in the large corridor and main areas in a mismatched configuration to harmonize with the ceiling shape. These low glare lights perfectly create a comfortable ambience when a customer first enters the showroom area, drawn in by the feature pendant, ‘Bola’ by Pablo.

Above the desk we have the ‘Neo’ light in 4000K. This is where the client usually works, and the brightness and colour are perfect for desk work.

The narrower corridor boasts a wall mounted LED strip uplight which helps to brighten the otherwise dark area, as well as act as a design feature. 

The media room was fitted with deep recessed, low beam angled downlights (‘Jet’) in order to minimise glare as much as possible while creating pockets of light which helps to improve the overall mood. LED strip lighting was also added into the recess on the sides to highlight the automatic curtains and to create a secondary light option.